All about my journey

sometimes you bored up with your life, at that time you find new ways to fresh up your life and try to do something new. many peoples love to watching movies whereas many peoples take a distance from their jobs and rest at home whereas some people travel a lot to give a relaxation to their mind, I’m one of them who travels lot, as I have a relation with Shekhawati (it’s an area at Rajasthan in India) I love to visit it, Shekhawati is particularly not a city it’s a area with a combination of three cities, this particular region have their own tradition, their own culture, their own language, the one common thing you will find to all Shekhawati’s is their “behavior”. they love to talk to unknown peoples, behave like a family member to everyone
whenever I visit here I love to travels, I saw that the one thing common in this whole city and that is their “Tradition and Culture”, the whole city is colored with same color and all the walls of the building is showcase variety of designs of their kingdom, these designs show activity of enamels, royalty, nature, culture and a lot’s of things
the structure of the houses is totally different than other city and country, their building is old as more than 100 years and big in sizes
I suggest all of you visit this place at least once in your life

Something hopeless

In gonna to do something which not relevant to anything, which have no mean, which have not any Target and all sometime become crazy is give you a real relaxation and peace and I’m always trying to find it…

क्या है ये नफरत?

क्या उसकी आदत है

या उसे ढूंढने की कोशिश करना है नफरत

नहीं समझ पाता हूं कि भूल जाऊ या याद रखू उसे

क्या उसके कारण खो जाना ह नफरत

पाना चाहता था जिसे हर पल

उसे ना सोचने की कोशिश है नफरत

क्या मेरे दिमाग का गुस्सा है ये नफरत

या हर पल कुछ तलाशती मेरी ये नजर है नफरत

बयां न कर पाता हूं मेरे जज्बातों को

सो उकेरता हूं इस दिल की आवाज़ को अल्फाजो में

Become a honeybee

As we all know honey bees collect pollen and nectar as food for their entire family,

let make it a story

A honey bee makes honey for their family by putting all their effort, time and strength by collecting pollen from flowers. Someday a unknown person come and destroy all her house and forced her to leave their house with their family and he stole all the entire collected honey (which is more valuable then a haven) from bees.

The bees and family  shifted to another house and repeating the same process

collecting pollen, make honey, stolen by somebody and shifted to another house 

after all this things a bee never forget  to collect “pollen”

                                      now let think what happen if this all things was happend with a human

                                       i think we also should behave like a Bee, we should be follow our responsibilities in any how situations, our life is always have some ‘up and down’ but we always should have a smile inRTS1QA2B our face. i know smile is not a solution of every problem but it’s be a solution of some problems

क्यों सोच रहा हूं मै?

सोच रहा हूं मै आज इस सर्द रात में देखा था कल मैंने एक ऐसा आदमी जो ठिठुर रहा था एक ठेले पे और मै सोचा की क्या नहीं है इसके कोई घर जो यहां बैठा है, उसे पुलिस बार बार भगाने की कोशिश कर रही थी और वह उनसे विनती कर रहा था, तब भी मै सोचा कि यह अपने घर क्यू नहीं जाता तब लगा कि अगर घर होता तो शायद वह यू ठिठुर ना रहा होता,एक अनाज कि बोरी ओढ़े वो अपनी ठंड रोकने की कोशिश कर रहा था तब मुझे लगा कि शायद उसे वो देसी दारू की जरूरत नहीं जो हम बचपन से घरवाले बताते है उस तो बस एक कंबल कि जरूरत है जो उसकी ठंड रोकले

कितना अजीब है ना सबकुछ होते हुए भी हम बोहोत कुछ चाहिए क्या हम कभी सोच सकते हैं उसके बारे में जिसका सबकुछ एक कंबल ही है, याद दिलाता हैं मुझे हर पल जब भी में सोता हूं कि क्या सभी चैन की नींद सो रहे हैं………


Why all the things we do in our life is always have some “thinking” can we do such thing which doesn’t have some motto for usI’m thinking some time that why all the words have some “meaning”In our life can we do something which is totally “meaningless”, may be all the people’s around the world is walking around this word “meaning” We always find meaning in every ‘word’ , every ‘relationship’, ‘meeting’ and all incredible things to live our life and i think it’s the only reason we are not satisfied with our life So be #meaninglessBe #thinkinglessBe #sociableAnd be #happy

Jaipur jewellery is on fire

today we will discussing about jewellery, jewellery is an important belongings for embellish anybody, it’s the most important tool which helps to machining your personality,

As Jaipur is know by his royalty, infrastructure, traditions, gems and stones, handcrafts, arts and crafts, museums, it’s region is full of traditional landmark’s and Royal places, Jaipur is also world famous for it’s name in designing of handmade jewellery and ornaments of gems and stones

Last time when i visited jaipur’s jewellery market i shocked to saw a huge number of artisans working in a same place

Jaipur is biggest hub of handmade jewellery and it’s artisans, also Jaipur is the biggest exporting market of silver and jewellery,

Rajasthan jewellery is a fusion of ongoing tread with authentic traditional prototype.

If we talk about bridal and functional occasion the first things comes to our mind is substantial heavy and stylish Rajasthani jewellery.

Some famed things of Rajasthani jewellery




Shingar patti





Chandra haar



Kundan necklaces



All this things is enhance the beauty of every bride to glance astonishing from head to toe.

Deeply, kundan jewellery is popular for its perplexing design. The manufacturing of such type of jewellery needs very detailed work and time. Stones are determined to a gold sheet and afterwards gold foils are squeezed in holes around the stones.

Layers after layers of gold foils are squeezed till the hole are filled.

A meenakari jewellery is a presentation of meenakari arts in which engraving the outlines of blossoms,winged animal is done on a gold sheet, The furrows are made to hold the colors. Later color is poured into sections, again every color poured into fired exclusively.

The warmth of fire sudden the color and spreads consistently in each section. The most quality of meenakari jewellery is that it is totally based on nature theme like blossoms and winter spreads

Now we talk about the most popular and ever seen artefact for Rajasthani woman

The Tribal Jewellery Of Rajasthan

It is the most famous thing which ever woman of Rajasthan wants. It’s very common and popular among the Rajasthan and India for it’s design and creativity. for it’s uniqueness it always seems into a huge demand. These are made up by silver with broad hollow bells worn by Banjara. Most commonly items of Tribal Jewellery is


Tribal earrings

Tribal rings

Single waist chain